Hey there 👋 I'm Gabriele Proni

And I’ve been working in tech for almost 15 years – most of that time as a CTO & COO. 

In the last 7 years, I created and sold a fully remote company named Voxloud that counts 40+ people and 1500+ active customers.

After the pandemic, I noticed that almost everyone started talking about remote work, but only a few about remote management.

The problem is, 99% of the time,
Remote Management is explained in a way that makes sense only for marketing purposes.

And that’s why so few managers are leveraging this super powerful set-up to bring their teams to the next level.

There’s no practical advice
on running remote companies.

That is to say. If remote work sounds like a “hack” or weird marketing magic to avoid working, it’s not. You still have to work. It doesn’t happen overnight.

But like other problems, you can approach Remote Management systematically.

So What Do We Do Here? 

Every Saturday, I write about:

  • Learning How to Hire and Manage Remote Employees

  • Building Trust Remotely

  • Mastering Remote Communication and Collaboration

  • Maximizing Productivity in a Remote Setting

  • Running productive Remote Meetings

  • .. and more!

Condensed into bite-sized issues with practical advice you can watch and apply to your team in under 2 minutes per week.

If that all sounds awesome, I hope you’ll join us!


Each Saturday, Insight and Tips on Leading a Successful Remote Team

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Each Saturday, Insights and Tips on Leading a Successful Remote Team


Hi 👋 I'm Gabriele Proni, a software engineer and remotepreneur since 2009 🤓 Built and sold the first business phone system up&running in 59s ☎️ Sharing remote management experience with fellow entrepreneurs & leaders 🌎💻